AM Radio No Longer Has Time On Its Side


AM radio, the senior broadcast band, no longer has the luxury of time to correct its problems, if those problems can be corrected at all.

This week there’s an assembly of “radio people” in Atlanta.  The annual NAB/RAB Fall Radio Show, where station owners get to have a free drinks on the vendors gathered trying to sell them something, engineers get to see the latest cool new gadgets and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the Washington, D.C. lobbying arm of broadcasters, can get some press about all the great things the industry is doing.  All well and good.


It’s now been two years since a Federal Communication Commission (FCC) chairwoman got the crowd at the 2013 Fall Radio Show cheering about what the FCC was going to do to save AM radio. What’s been done?  Predictably, NOTHING.

While I disagreed with many of the ideas the FCC was…

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