Idea? “Local” Morning News from Another City. Brilliant!

I’m sure you’ve read the media trades where consultants and experts say listeners, viewers and readers want authenticity, they want “real.” The unbelievable claims of being “the best” or “the most” doesn’t cut it with media savvy consumers anymore.

But, radio? It just keeps on keeping on, ignoring consumer needs, wants and demands and continues to piss on listeners and call it a gentle spring shower.


You probably missed this one because it happened in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Biloxi, Mississippi, two small cities where people know their neighbors, know the people in their communities and like to see the people they listen to on the radio at their local Albertson’s.

Baton Rouge sits over an hour from New Orleans.  The Big Easy is known for its Creole culture, Baton Rouge not so much.  Overlooking the New Orleans Saints and crawfish, Baton Rouge people are just that, from Baton Rouge…

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