The Question Radio Itself Has Yet to Answer

Maybe, just maybe, we will see the return of local radio. Eventually, those debt burden conglomerates will need to unload many properties. One can only re-organize so many times before the obvious is apparent. They will probably sell to “local” people, especially in the 50+ markets. For another discussion is the grooming and nurturing again of local content and talent, if and when that happens.


86That was the subject of an email I received from a reader of my blog recently. The writer went on to eloquently state why he felt the way he did, even citing articles on the topic. He had my interest and I asked him if we could speak on the phone.

The BIG Question

This reader’s (who asked to be kept anonymous) big question was “What can radio do that other media can’t?”

And it’s a very good question.

In 2017 when many are using the internet for things that only radio could provide in the past, is radio’s future being the poor man’s smartphone, tablet or iPod when it could be more?

“NPR and SiriusXM, in addition to the new exploding podcast marketplace, have had no trouble creating personalities and programs,” but my reader writes “why does FM commercial radio continue to stick with playing the hits, past and…

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The World’s Gone Crazy (but you don’t have to)


85I normally write about radio, education, advertising and/or marketing. It’s my life. I mentor others sharing what I know to pay-it-forward.

Be Happy

I know I’m not the only one feeling a little stressed these days. So I thought this week I’d write about things we can do to make our lives happier.

One of the things I learned is that logic won’t change an emotion, but action will. So get off the couch and do something. Anything.

Happy Mondays

I write publish my blog every Sunday morning. For me Sundays are the first day of a new week. So Mondays are the second day. Mondays make up a seventh of our lives. Sundays have always been kind of a prep day to make my Mondays another chance for me to make a dent in the cosmos.


I’m a hugger. Anyone that knows me has probably been hugged by…

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Relevancy – Part Two


83Last week I wrote about “relevancy.”

For any business, but especially the radio industry, making sure every element that goes on-the-air is relevant for the listener your station targets is critical.

Unfortunately, the way things get on the air these days makes it nearly impossible for any program director overseeing multiple properties at the same time to be so diligent. Worse, the commercials often come to each hour from a variety of sources (network, syndication, barter, distressed insertion, ca$h, etc). Sometimes different entities sell the same customer and the very same ad might air more than once in a single break.

TV also has this problem, and as Bernie Sanders might say, it’s YUGE!

Make it about the listener

Simon Sinek tells the story of a homeless lady.

Like many homeless people she sits on a street corner looking for money and holds a sign.

Simon says that most signs…

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From my good friend, Dick Taylor.

I am a trombone player. Or maybe I should say “was” as it’s been quite a few years since I picked up the horn. Growing up, I knew that was the instrument I wanted to play. Out of all the instrument…

Source: Relevancy




82I am a trombone player. Or maybe I should say “was” as it’s been quite a few years since I picked up the horn. Growing up, I knew that was the instrument I wanted to play. Out of all the instruments in the band, trombone was the one that caught my attention and was relevant to me.

76 Trombones

Meredith Wilson’s Broadway smash “The Music Man” is one of my all time favorite musicals. Can you guess why?

In that production, Robert Preston knows to be successful in selling band instruments “you gotta know the territory.” In fact, all of the carpetbaggers knew this. In “The Music Man” the song “Rock Island Line” establishes the rules of selling on the road. In other words, you had to know how to make what you were selling relevant.

And then I heard someone say RADIO

Alan Mason is…

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The Big Game’s Ad Clutter

I look forward to Dick’s insights each week. Something to seriously ponder.


80During this year’s football season, viewership to the NFL games was down. A lot of reasons were offered as to the reason why. I’m sure you have your own theories. But when it comes to the Super Bowl – “America’s party Sunday” – surely that would again show an audience increase. It didn’t.


For many years, the finale of the TV show M*A*S*H was the most watched television show, until the year that a Super Bowl would surge ahead. For a couple of years, each year the Super Bowl of that year would beat the viewership of the past year and ad rates would go up right along with the viewership. Ad clutter too.

$5 Million per 30-Second Ad

This year FOX trumpeted that it sold Super Bowl LI half-minute ads for an astounding $5 Million per ad.

Viewership to the fifty-first Super Bowl game was, like the rest…

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Radio’s Jobs Didn’t Move to Mexico

If were not constantly “disrupting” the present, we’d still be on horseback without indoor plumbing. Think about that…..


75It seems like no matter what line of work you’re in, someone is finding a way to take your job away. If you’re in coal mining, you think the EPA is doing it to you. If you’re in manufacturing, you think its Mexico or China or some other country that pays their workers less and offers no benefits. But is that really what’s happening to jobs?

Where are the (Radio) Jobs?

I got into radio when I was in high school because I wanted to be a disc jockey. (Discs were what records were once called. Records were how we played music on the radio off of turntables, after live musicians were replaced by recorded music on the radio.) My DJ days are long behind me, but I don’t remember anyone from my earliest days being upset that records replaced the need for live musicians to play music on the…

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